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There are 8 locations.

[“The Essence of Pittsburgh: A Personal Examination” aims to describe certain locations that I see noteworthy and to examine them as I saw them as a child and how I see them now, as well as the essence of each location. To navigate the pages, the bottom of each page has the directions such as “North,” “South,” “East,” and “West” to travel to nearby locations. The hyperlink navigation inside the texts was borrowed from Shelley Jackson’s “My Body.” The object of using navigation, text, images, and video to give people a better understanding of Pittsburgh. I want to give a better understanding of Pittsburgh in order for people to see it in a better light, and maybe even persuade negative viewpoints. I think it is important to see Pittsburgh not just as monolithic in being, but also as a compartmentalized being; all the compartments come together to demonstrate it’s not just a “steel,” “bridge” or “Steelers” town. Pittsburgh needs to also be seen as a cultural city with many things to do and see.]

If you would like to share your own personal experience with a particular location, feel free to post it in the comments section of that page.


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